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Generally there are no admission to other classes as children from lower classes are promoted and go to the higher classes.

However, as some vacancies may arise due withdrawals, opportunity is provided to all those who would like to seek admission to other classes.

  • Apply on a Plain Paper before Application should be accompanied by a copy of the final report card of the school/ college last attended.
  • If there are vacancies, in any class the same will be indicated on the NOTICE BOARD.
  • Only those who apply for those classes which have vacancies will then be asked to appear for the Admission Test/Interview.
  • The Principal reserves the right to admit or to refuse admission to anybody at any time without assigning any reason for his action.
  • No admission can be done unless a T.C. from recognised school/college is submitted. Those coming from outside Uttar Pradesh should have their T.C. countersigned by competent Educational Authority of that place. In no case shall the child be considered to a class higher than the one stated in the Transfer Certificate. The Principal has the right to say on what condition he will admit or retain a pupil in the College/School.
  • The very condition for admission is that the Parents/Guardians comply strictly with the school/college rules and regulations, co-operate with the school/college for the welfare of the institution, give sufficient time and care for their wards even after the admissions are over.
  • The date of birth of a student once entered will not be changed. The parent/guardian will have to sign an undertaking to this effect.